Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Meet the Family!

Now is the time in the blog where I introduce the recurring characters that will be featured from time to time. I call them "Family".

Name: JR (this is me)
Age: 34
Role: Husband/Father/Master of All that I Survey?
Favorite Saying(s): "That sounds like fun","Anyway..."
Favorite Pastimes: TV, Books, Computers, Guitar, Bass, Being Outdoors
Pet Peeve: The Phone

Name: Jules
Age: 30
Role: Wife/Mother/Kid Handler
Favorite Saying(s): "Absolutely!"
Favorite Pastimes: TV, Game Rooms, PS2, Driving, Loud Music
Pet Peeve: No Tunes in the Car

Name: Number 1
Age: 7
Role: Oldest Daughter, Believes she is the Head Child in Charge of All Other Kids
Favorite Saying(s): "I'm Telling", "Moooommmm...", "Daaaaddd...."
Favorite Pastimes: Being the Boss, TV, asking for stuff, softball, coloring/drawing
Pet Peeve: Someone else sitting in the "Bouncing Chair"

Name: Number 2
Age: 6
Role: Middle Daughter/Instigator
Favorite Saying(s): "I'M TELLING!", "DON'T", "THAT'S MINE!" (see how she yells?)
Favorite Pastimes: Coloring, Running, Jumping, Hitting, Kicking, Pushing, etc, etc...
Pet Peeve: People who play with her things. People who don't let her play with their things.

Name: Number 3
Age: 3
Role: Youngest Daughter/The Baby
Favorite Saying(s): "<enter sibling name here> did it."
Favorite Pastimes: Going for a nap and crapping 5 minutes later (why?), Lazytown, Looting the kitchen when nobody is looking.
Pet Peeve: sharing, Number 2 (the kid not the bowel movement)

There you have it the key player in the show I call life. It's an interesting mix that should provide years of blog fodder. Enjoy!

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