Tuesday, November 14, 2006

PS3 Losers!!

What is the deal with all those Uber-Dorks who line up for days to buy the latest gaming system? If you are quitting your job and putting everything else in your life on hold just so you can buy a gaming console on the release date then you just might have a problem. The last thing these people need is to have their video game addictions fueled.

I just read a hilarious article about this group of dorks who had been camping out at Best Buy in Burbank for 4 days so they could get a PS3 (Did you catch that? 4 days as of today, that means these guys still had 3 days to go). These guys were fully prepared to spend a full week lined up in the Best Buy parking lot. So anyway today they were told that they were not allowed to camp there and the police broke up the line.


I really want to see a video clip of that scene! All those pathetic nerdlings making their ways back to the confines of their parents basements with nothing to show for 4 days of waiting. Way to go Best Buy!

I don't really know what it is that bothers me about these lineups. It's not like they are going to get MY PS3 or anything. I guess I just hate to see people flaunting the fact that they they are wasting their lives on video games almost as if they are proud of the fact. But then again what is the real loss here? I would guess that if they weren't camping at Best Buy they would likely be sitting in their dark room playing games anyway.

Regardless, I would like to see this trend, started by Best Buy, to continue. I would take it a step further though, there is just too much fun to be had here.

Let them line up for a week. Let them do whatever they want. And then when the time comes to open the doors find some way to defeat the line. Like instant disqualification for people who were loitering.

Or even better set up some kind of kiosk stand outside of the store dedicated specifically to selling the PS3. Let all the nerds rush into the store and while they are all caught up in the frenzy inside lock the doors and open up the outdoor kiosk to the general public. Make sure the dorks inside can see the kiosk through the locked doors. Totally illegal but oh the hilarity.

Or maybe something simple. When you open up on release day plunk down a new sign on the opposite side of the parking lot that says PS3 lineup starts here. Make sure and put some kind of major obstacle between the nerd-organized line and the one you just started. Then just sit back and watch the excitement. Can you imagine hundreds of nerds frantically trying to get over the obstacle. I imagine that it would be similar to a wildebeast stampede mixed with the obstacle course scene from Police Academy.

The word from Best Buy is that they will not allow people to form a line until 24 hours before the release. I wish I lived in Burbank because I can almost guarantee that there will be little clusters of spaz camps set up all along the perimeter of the Best Buy property waiting to rush the building at exactly T minus 24 hours. Another video that I just HAVE to see!

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