Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kidz in the Hood

For a couple of years there was a girl that lived up the back lane from us, I'll call her Greaseball. Greaseball is the same age as #2 and she used to come over and play with the girls all the time. I mean ALL THE TIME.

When she came over she only wanted to play with #1. She was a real bitch to #2 and #3, unless of course #1 wasn't around, then #2 and #3 were just fine. I couldn't stand that kid. She was a constant pain in the ass. When you told her something she just stared at you like moron. The lights were on but nobody was home. I think she must have gotten that from her mother, because talking to her Mom is like talking to a post. There is something foul in that gene pool!

Greaseball would always lure the kids to places they aren't allowed to play like the street or the back lane. She would try and get them to go across the busy street in front of the house to go to the store (somehow this kid always seemed to have $5 to blow on candy and crap). I ended up telling her that if she was playing with my kids that she had to follow our rules and stay in the yard. If she wanted to go to the store that was fine but she would have to go home afterwards.

They tried to get around this rule by going over to her house to play. I was not cool with this. I didn't like the idea of the kids playing with this trouble maker out of my sight. Not to mention she lives in a shitty house with shady people. The house is divided up into at least three apartments. Outside of the house is a picnic table where a group of 3-4 adults sit perpetually drinking. Sometimes I see them digging through the dumpsters. Last year someone got stabbed there. It a real nice place!

Towards the end of last year I think she was ditching school. She kept coming over to our house in the middle of the day to play with #3. She always had excuses like "The school is closed" or "My Mom is sick". I think she was just pretending to go to to school and just didn't go. Then after a while she would get bored, or maybe she was waiting for her mom to go to work, and she would come by our place to kill off the rest of the day.

This spring a new kid arrived on the scene. She moved into one of the apartments in the same house that Greaseball lived in. This kid was close to the same age as #1. She was a vast improvement over Greaseball. She seemed well mannered, she was quiet and had the capacity to listen to what she was told. I'll call her TheGirl. For a while Greaseball and TheGirl played together by themselves. I think they might be cousins or something.

At the beginning of the summer my dreams came true and Greaseball moved across town.

Shortly after this TheGirl started coming around fairly regularly. All was well. They stayed where they were allowed to play. She only came around at regular times and she was nice to all the kids. I even felt comfortable with #1 going over to her house to play.

Then the problems started up.

Greaseball comes over to visit TheGirl every now and then. Once this happens TheGirl turns into a real shit. All of a sudden they are back out in the street, playing Ding Dong Ditch on the neighbors, treating #2 and #3 like assholes and all sorts of stupid shit like that.

Last night all of the kids were in the yard and Greaseball was doing some of her trademark stupid shit. According to #1 she was trying to get me mad or something. It worked. I booted her ass out of our yard. As a parting insult Greaseball called #2 a toilethead as she was leaving. Then #2 did me proud. She leaned over the top of the fence and yelled after her, "BYE, FARTHEAD!"
What a great kid! Don't take shit from anyone #2! Now if I could only get her to take a swing at her. But alas, that would be wrong. Satisfying? Yes. But still wrong.

So now we have a new rule. Greaseball isn't allowed over anymore and nobody will be playing with TheGirl while Greaseball is visiting. We are boycotting the Greaseball.

Fuck I hate that kid!

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